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About Our Network

Creating digital fascination.

The Markenfilm Group is a true media & film production powerhouse. During the last decade, we transformed a highly respected commercial film production into a group of widely specialized, market-influencing companies. Each of them is working as its own successful enterprise, adding everything you would want in our always-moving and highly innovative industry.

TVC & Branded Content

Markenfilm Crossing produces films that communicate effectively at the highest creative level. We make films for TV, online campaigns, branded content, and installations.

Social Media Content

We combine creativity with a flexible production method in a short time. Mostly we plan, produce, shoot, edit and finalize our films all in-house and we put every effort in the final result: The film your heart beats for!

Editorial Content

MH4 is specialised in public relation communication in TV and digital settings. The core business includes not only creation and production, but also the active marketing of moving images.

Space - Installation Example

Space Content

We design and orchestrate interactive media experiences for museums, exhibitions and public spaces. To do so, we always keep a close look on the current developments and trends in technology.